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Blue Paper Cities

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About the CD:
After recording two other CDs that I really didn't like too much because of the quality and many mistakes, I set out to work hard on one I actually liked. Blue Paper Cities is that CD, and I also added a little twist to to it to make it different from my other CDs. I put a variety of instruments in some of the tracks, while making sure there is still piano in every single song. Though there still are some mistakes in it, I can't do anything about it until I get a computer that doesn't lag. Overall though, I enjoyed playing every idea that came to my mind in creating it, and I also hope it will inspire everyone to dream.

P.S. The CD sounds way better with headphones than with speakers. You can catch more of the detail. It does sound good as background music in a room too.

P.P.S I put descriptions and more info beneath the tracks below if you want to read them.

Want to buy it, but can't find me anywhere? You can contact me through the button above that links to my parents e-mail address, You can get my address from them and send $16 for the CD, and I'll send one back to the return address. If you live in Wenatchee or somewhere close, I could drop by your house and you could get it for $12.

  1. Shine Through1:23

    This was the first song I created with Reason (the software I now use to record). I didn't have my piano set up so I could actually play, so this song was entirely created with computer keyboard and mouse!

  2. Blue Paper Cities1:03

    This was the second song I made, and by that time I knew I was ready to make another CD. I got some influence from Jazz Band that shows through in this song.

  3. Blue Paper Cities (Remix)1:35

    After finishing Sweet Dimensions, I decided that the original Blue Paper Cities was too harsh and had some out of tune twerks (if that's a word) from the bass. I decided to re-record it, but then thought it would be best just to do a "remix" of it since the whole CD is named after the original.

  4. Friends3:08

    I started out with this song with the violin, but for some reason the violins never sound real. I switched it out with a flute and added a whole orchestra to make it more vibrant!

  5. Something's Changed2:13

    This song was definitely influenced by jazz band, but this time I wanted to mix it with a slight more modern feel and my love for orchestras.

  6. Alone, Not Lonely3:01

    After youth group every Wednesday night, I play the grand piano up on the stage with the lights turned off and the moonlight (and the streetlight) shining through the window. I love improvising on it each week and playing very soft notes to letting it echo throughout the spacious room. I was inspired one day to try and imitate it for my CD, but I can tell you that it's impossible to repeat the effect with my electric piano at home!

  7. Broken Clouds3:24

    Along with my love for orchestras, I also like the bass drum and light cymbals. I experimented with the piano, strings, distant bass drum, and soft cymbal effect to get your mind into a different universe :)

  8. This is my Home0:49

    Inspired by bands like The Fray, I wanted to add a full drum set too a short track just to see how it felt. I carefully selected a drum set that wouldn't be too intruding for this short track. Then I played it using my awesome drum playing skills on the electric piano, and *POOF!* A nice soft kind of track with a hint of strings!

  9. Night Blossoms2:44

    Since I love listening to music at night, I wanted to create a soft dreamy kind of track that I could listen to then. This one feels a little longer than the others, but I used a very smooth, ambient, covered kind of background guitar (though it's hard to tell it's a guitar until later in the track) along with my piano to give it a more inspiring feel.

  10. Sweet Dimensions3:46

    I thought it was time to do another "only piano" song, so I improvised to make this one. It overall only takes about 20 minutes to make these.

  11. Locked in Time3:53

    For this song, I just sat down, pressed Record, and played the piano. I added some random sounds to make it sound cool. I'm trying to make this CD have more variety.

  12. White Folded Hearts16:07

    After a girl at my school drowned in the river on memorial day, I decided to name this song in memory of her. The white folded hearts were taped to her locker along with many other notes and pictures. Yes, this song actually is 16 minutes long (and it's playing in the background if you want to turn up the volume)!